Absolutely Amazing will be publishing and reissuing several of my latest novels, SLIP TIME, a Bill Roedock Novel, and TEN GOOD HORSES.

My newest Novel SUN DOGS, a Bill Roedock Novel, will be coming out before the first of the year.

The First General Order Review


 "We  live in tumultuous times... a new President , a controversial administration ... wars and rumors of war reflect the bellicosity of the populist movement.  Robert Stave's book "The First General Order", is so opportune and timely. It definitively exposes the horrors of war. His adroit handling of the ill-fated Vietnam War, fought by American teenagers reflects a tragic replication of American history." - Sean Quitler, Professor at University College, Dublin and Lynn University, Florida (retired) 

Letting Go Review


 “‘Letting Go’ is a must read if you love a tantalizing mystery, action packed scenes, and characters who intriguingly outwit the reader. From a sedate Minnesota city to the jungles of Mexico, subtle clues pit readers against drug czars, professional killers, and a seemingly unsolvable case. It’s a page-turner I recommend”  – Catherine Greene, MSLS 

Ten Good Horses Review



“I was raised on Will James and cowboy movies… right up to and some including Clint Eastwood (Unforgiven) and Robert Duvall (Lonesome Dove). “Ten Good Horses” is like a string of pearls. You do a fine job with the animals and characters avoiding sentimentality. They are all creations of an observant and caring writer. The very end is you at your best and a memorable parting shot with two little words: “Damn Dog.” ”

Reviewed by: A.L. Hart, Retired Literary Agent

Slip Time Reviews


“You’ve really nailed it this time. It’s a wonderful read… very fine, tremendous authenticity, grittiness and heart.”

Reviewed by: Thomas Gifford, author of The Wind Chill Factor


“I found it great… I want your autograph.”

Reviewed by Franklin Miller, CSM (USA Ret.), Medal of Honor Recipient and author of Reflections of a Warrior.


“Slip Time” (A Bill Roedock novel) is a real page turner if you’re into fast past adventure in exotic places, including a marina on Stock Island. It’s a yarn populated by a bunch of guys whose bonds were forged in Vietnam. After all these years, they can still unerringly sense lethal danger at a 1000 yards and corruption at even a greater distance. You’ll also meet some strikingly beautiful women who would never make the cut as James Bond fantasy toys. They are too real and in one case too flawed.

Without a doubt this book is raw material for a terrific movie. Yes, there’s lots of mayhem and nasty intrigues but at its core it’s a feel-good story about good people who have learned to face the realities of life with courage, conviction and straight arrow responsibility when duty calls. Robert Stave, the author, knows whereof he speaks.

Reviewed by: Ed Block, Key West Citizen


In this fast-paced novel, Vietnam vet and former mercenary Bill Roedock is hired by a wealthy family to track down their missing daughter and grandchild in Thailand and bring them home. Author Robert Stave has a background similar to Roedock’s—he knows his subject matter well, which adds to the book’s realism. Stave’s characters are plausible and he writes good dialogue. Slip Time would lend itself well to a film adaptation. Its combination of intrigue and action could make it a sort of Rambo-meets James Bond.

Overall, Slip Time is likely to be a fun read for fans of adventure and action-related fiction, but readers with weak stomachs should proceed with caution.

Reviewed by: Adrienne Muncy 


I really enjoyed “Slip Time” and had trouble setting it aside, couldn’t wait to start the next page. Robert Stave’s writing made me feel like I was in the scene and part of the excitement. His description makes you feel like you are there with Roedock. GREAT BOOK!

Reviewed by: Solaris Hill Weekly