Author, Cowboy, US Army Airborne Ranger (RET)

“A faint heart never filled a straight flush.”

The First General Order


A soldier's story, RA's US's NG's ... The PFC's, Speedy Fours, Shit Can burners, KP and Dining Room Orderlies who waited on tables one day and were asked to die the next.  Sing no sad songs, there were no pup tent poets, just be there and square and when you are done your own Mama won't want you back.  "Mado, Mado where you've been ... up snake hill and back again: your left, your left, right, left.  Two old ladies were lying in bed; one rolled over to the other and said: GOTTA GO, GOTTA GO, AIRBORNE, ALL THE WAY. Call cadence count … AIRBORNE, ALL THE WAY.” 



Bob Stave’s remarkable story begins on the University of Minnesota campus and the West Bank, otherwise known as Seven Corners. That’s where a druggie was murdered by an undercover narc named Captain America. It was a center of disillusionment and unrest, with culture clash cultivated like germs in a Petri dish. When downtrodden lawyer Peter Hill is hired to find a missing girl, he calls on photography professor Smith Kearns for assistance. Their search pits them against Captain America and leads them to the jungles of Mexico where they encounter Amazon drug dealers, deadly Federales, a revolutionary bandito, and a one-eyed CIA agent. Peter is forced to wrestle with his legal ethics, while Smith must face the demons that have followed him since two harrowing tours as a war photographer in Vietnam. Their journey culminates in a final showdown that will leave your heart racing and mind reeling. As Country Joe and the Fish raved: “Put down your books and pick up a gun we are gunna have a whole lot of fun … one, two, three, four … what are we fighting for?”



“A thoughtful, humorous, character-driven story of the American west in the style reminiscent of ‘Lonesome Dove.’ Ten Good Horses is like a string of pearls. When it comes to the people, animals, or the land Bob Wills is at his very best, achieving affectionate amusement and memorable observations on the past, present, and what is ahead and what maybe a new life.”  – A.L. Hart

 When Bob Wills rides a colt to a standstill, it is not a victory. It is an understanding that he and the colt were both better off for the experience. Like Bob Wills would say “You can talk a horse to death but sooner or later you just have to climb aboard the hurricane deck and see where you end up.” 

SLIP TIME: A Bill Roedock Novel


Bill Roedock thought he’d found “Jai Wen”, the middle way. He and his son Mike are living on his forty-eight-foot trawler Lobo Sonriente in Key West. This is as close as he will come to mainstream America. On a November morning, Roedock receives a call from an old friend, Julian Jackson, a former M16 operative turned London solicitor. Thus begins a wave of events that will challenge all of Roedock’s skills and resources. Roedock is hired to find a woman and young child who have disappeared in Thailand. A simple “find and fetch” turns into a quagmire of intrigue, violence and deception. Sonya Merill is the most beautiful woman Roedock has ever seen; however, the life she leads in Thailand stinks of corruption. The fact that her current paramour is an ex-colonel who helped implement the Cambodian holocaust tells Roedock he should let go. It is in the old soul eyes of Sonya’s young daughter that he finds reason to finish the job. With the help of his nephew, Ike Wu, and contacts from the old days, the mission is undertaken in a land of secrets, shadows and memories of soldiers past.